Saturday, January 31, 2009

Death of six of Al-Batran family members, most are children

Al-Batran family (Death of six of its members, most are children). Ages: various - Date of death: January 16, 2009. Place of Death: Al-Bureij Refugee Camp in Gaza Strip. Weapon type: air strike on their home. Cause of death: A mother and her five children of Al-Batran family were killed Friday afternoon in an Israeli air strike on their home in Al-Bureij Refugee Camp in central Gaza Strip. Palestinian medical sources identified the dead as the 30-year-old Manal, and her children 12-years-old Wala, 8-years-old Izz Ad-Din, 10-year-old Bilal, 11-year-old Islam, and 7-years-old Ihsan. Islamonline.

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